Zobo makes an impact for many kinds of occasions

Here's what people are saying about the new Zobo LED lamp from Luxium.

"Zobo made the church look magnificent for my wedding!"Arland

"With just four Z2s I was able to light the whole band and it was fun to change the mood with color for different songs!"Doug

"I put four Zobo Z2s in my light bar rig and take it on the road when I don't want to overload the power circuits and still have a powerful lighting effect for my magic shows" Mark

"We put Zobo in some PAR can fixtures above the stage and totally changed the look of this black box theater"

"Using a few Z2s to light up the tent on the yacht club lawn for our fundraiser gig had a magical effect"  Jeanette

"I use Zobo for my desk light because I can dial in just the right color temp and intensity and it becomes the best work light I"ve ever had" Roger

"I love using Zobo to add a little color to my photo shoots" Patrick

"Zobo is so handy for lighting up the corner of the pub where we sing and play on the weekends" Arlie

"With Zobo and the phone app it's easy to dial in just the right color hue and it has the best amber I've ever seen" Oke

"My go to choice is Zobo when I need to add a little more light to highlight the set and backfill my video shoots" Brett

Zobo has all kinds of uses. and users.


Here are a few:

- Events

- Bands

- Entertainers

- Decoration

- DJ's

- Musicians

- Photographers

- Video

- Churches

- Theaters

- House Lights

- Border Lights

- Wash Lights

- Display Lights

- Galleries

- Museums

- Task lighting

- Modeling

- and more....