The Fantastic NEW LED light from Luxium

Making performance lighting simple, easy, and more affordable than ever!

ZOBO is a smart LED lamp that is controlled with a Bluetooth Smartphone app!


ZOBO is perfect for Entertainers who need a mobile lighting kit for going on the road and making the show look fabulous



For Events and Stage Lighting Zobo can be installed into PAR can lights and border strip lights to make a powerful impact with bright consistent colors.


A new type of smart LED lamp that does more.


With ZOBO it's easy to run your smart lamps with a smart phone app.!


Just save whatever color you create and see that same color when Zobo starts up again.


ZOBO is a color-changeable LED lamp that outputs a high-quality directional beam of color blended light.


ZOBO makes it easy, fun and affordable for anyone to light up a show like a professional.


With smooth full-range dimming, adjustable colors and beam angles from spot-light to wide-flood, ZOBO creates nearly any mood.


The unique PAR30 design and a high-efficiency LED system means that ZOBO fits existing standard sockets and saves energy.


With built-in special effects and Bluetooth® control through a powerful and user friendly app, ZOBO is ready to rock!



Unique 6-channel color control



ZOBO uses an innovative 6-channel LED control engine designed by Luxium to blend the output of Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Lime and White (RGBCLW) LEDs to produce an extreme gamut of colors.


With this exclusive technology it's possible to create rich amber and cyan colors that are not possible with typical RGBW quad LED systems.


Every lamp is also calibrated to combine just the right amount of each color to create precise white color temperatures from 2200K (very warm) to 6500K (cool) and many points in-between. 


With the addition of cyan and lime colors the ZOBO color gamut is expaned beyond the ability of typicial red, green, blue, white quad LED systems.


ZOBO is great for adding colorful highlights at any occasion



The users of ZOBO include: music groups, DJ's, singers, dancers, videographers, presenters, event planners, party hosts, interior designers, concert producers, directors, theater technicians and more.


Not only for shows or event places, 

good for the home too!


Holiday Lighting


Ambiance Lighting


Highlighting Works of Art


and many more applications!

Easy Lighting Control in a Simple Mobile Device APP

Easy to Install Anywhere


ZOBO fits typical track-light sockets, or PAR-Can fixtures or into theater strip-lights or a wide range of clamp lights. Use the specially designed lamp cage from Luxium to hold a ZOBO and clamp it to just about any kind of location. Clamp a ZOBO to a shelf or truss or tripod or speaker stand and aim it where you want to light up any occasion.


What's Available ?


ZOBO Z1 – For a full range of colorful light the 1,200 Lumen ZOBO-Z1 has a narrow beam that can be adjusted with optional diffusion filters. It performs like a 100W color filtered incandescent floodlight but uses a maximum of 14 Watts. Works with Luxium Bluetooth app.


ZOBO Z2 – With brightness of 1,800 lumens this light is good for adaptable color lighting at medium range. It has the unique ability to create calibrated warm to cool white light for amazing spot lighting of people and things.  The ZOBO-Z2 has a narrow beam that can be adjusted with diffusion filters. It out performs a 150W color filtered floodlight but uses less than 24 Watts of power. Works with Luxium Bluetooth app.


Lamp Cage - The LC1 metal cage and socket is an optional item that's available for mounting ZOBO to just about anything. Comes with powerder coated metal frame, socket and cord. Various kinds of clamps and hangers can be added by the user with the range of different mounting holes proved in the frame. The LC2 Lamp Cage with Clamp (shown below) comes with a metal clamp and ball joint swivel for aiming the ZOBO in any direction.


Campare features to select the lamp for your needs


With attention to customer needs our lights are designed and made in the USA with the best components and are safety certified.


These products offer the most colorful light output available for the small amount of energy they consume.


Product Specifications


These products offer the brightest light output available in a retrofit PAR30 form factor, using the minimum amount of electricity.


ZOBO is designed and made in the USA, is safety certified and comes with a 3-year warranty.


We’ve selected the best components to create products that will last a lifetime.

The unique 6-channel color blending system in the ZOBO Lamp make use of Cyan and Lime to expand the color range. The inclusion of pure white LEDs makes it possible to create calibrated CCTs with high color rendering (CRI) and sooothing pastel shades.




Q. How do I get started using the ZOBO?

A. Simple.

  • ZOBO screws into a standard socket. Then turn on the power.
  • Download the free app from Luxium
  • Pair with the new lamp and put it into a group
  • Select the colors you want

Q. How much power does ZOBO need?

A. There are two ZOBO products the use AC power.  The Z1 uses 12 watts. The Z2 uses 24 watts.


Q. What is the dimming range of ZOBO?

A. The ZOBO multi-channel drive electronics are designed to offer smooth dimming from 100% down to 0.1%. We have a "tungsten" response curve programmed into the lamp to simulate natural dimming by softening the rise and fall times of the power supply so the output matches what an incandescent filament does when being dimmed.


Q. What is the lifetime expectation for the ZOBO?

A. ZOBO is made to last a long time and will operate maintenance free for more than 30,000 hours. Because our design keeps the boards cool the LEDs have an expected lifetime of 68,000 hours based on LM-80 test results. Because of the lower operating temperatures in ZOBO we belive our lamps have a design that will enable them to last at least 25% longr than other LED lamps that don't offer advanced thermal management. That could mean an extra 5 years of life for some applications.!



Q. How many units can I control at the same time?

A. Using Bluetooth the application can control up to 7 lamps at one time in a group. Multiple groups can be created in the app. We have tested with at least 12 groups at once and believe many more groups are possible. If more than 15 or 20 groups are needed then it is suggested to use the DMX control methods instead. The Luxium ZR30-AX1 uses wireless DMX control and is made for large theater installations.


Q. Do I need an internet connection to use ZOBO?

A. No. ZOBO is made to work with a wireless Bluetooth control signal that comes from your phone or tablet.


Q. Can I make a wholesale order for multiple ZOBO units?

A. Yes. Just contact us at www.luxiumlighting.com to get further information


Q. Is ZOBO compatible with other LED lighting controls?

A. ZOBO will work on a regular lighting circuit with an on-off switch. To control dimming and color selection use the Luxium app from your phone or tablet.


Q. Can ZOBO be used outside?

A. ZOBO is built to work in normal building environments. It is not waterproof.


Q. Can different ZOBO models be controlled with the same app?

A. Yes. The Luxium Bluetooth app is made to control all versions of ZOBO.



Full details at: www.luxiumlighting.com